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About Us

Who We Are

The TRIO Bridge Foundation is a registered charitable foundation and a social enterprise devoted to the promotion of a holistic and evidence-based approach to healthcare provision in developing countries. This is conducted through a structured high impact hands-on simulation training and targeted education.

What we do

  • Improve health and social care through continuing training and support to stakeholder health institutions.
  • Work in collaboration with such stakeholders to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. This is through delivery of a high-quality structured simulation training which is built on a foundation of research and evidence-based guidance.

  • By encompassing all aspects of women’s health but particularly improving child-bearing and child-birth outcomes, the Foundation aims to train maternity staff in managing maternal emergencies and incorporate Human Factors into the day-to-day healthcare of mothers.
  • Utilise modern IT systems to capture data and analyse outcomes.
  • Work collaboratively with health and social care partners in building and sustaining their skills and knowledge and to maximise their potentials.
  • Regularly review and evaluate such training provided, ensuring a continuing refinement, updating and restructuring of the training provided to meet the needs and abilities of the stakeholders.
  • Empower our stakeholders to take ownership and sustain such training programs for their benefit and that of the population they serve.
  • Provide advice, guidance, logistic and medical support to our charitable partners who supports individuals and or institutions catering for children with physically challenged disabilities.

Mission Statement

  • 01

    Raise awareness of the management of maternal obstetric emergencies

  • 02

    Reduce maternal morbidity and mortality associated with child bearing and child birth by 10% by the year 2023 in selected healthcare institutions in Ghana

  • 03

    Educate and empower healthcare professionals and stakeholders (women) with information relating to maternal and fetal health

  • 04

    Educate and support maternity healthcare professionals about modern surveillance during child bearing and child-birth

  • 05

    Raise awareness of the importance of standardising care through the utilisation of guidelines and protocols and monitoring of outcomes through audits which will help drive improvements and standards

  • 06

    Utilise IT to capture maternal and fetal outcomes through data collection and utilisation and set up Train-The-Trainers’ courses which is self-sustaining

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